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No firmware 16.04.008 for 54xx ZL switch?

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No firmware 16.04.008 for 54xx ZL switch?

We noticed that the new firmware 16.04.008 is available for the 5400R ZL2 switches. But it is not available for the 5400 ZL switch. Is 16.02.xx the last release? Will the switch be EOL soon?

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Re: No firmware 16.04.008 for 54xx ZL switch?

HP ProCurve (HPE) 5400 zl was already declared EoS at end of 2015 (read about it here) in favour of HPE (Aruba) 5400R zl2 which was listed as replacement product: given that bit of information it's not so strange that 16.02, after 16.01, apparently will be the latest software branch available [*] for this particular K software platform (K is used on HPE 5400 zl and HPE 3500 and 3500 yl Switch Series) don't expect any 16.04 softwre branch release as happened on KA/KB software platforms (KA./KB.16.01 -> 16.02 -> 16.04).

[*] Clearly this means that you will continue to see, if the K.16.02 development will go forward, software versions K.16.02.xxxx (latest, as example, is K.16.02.0021 released during September 2017).

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