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Nov 2015: Comparing 5400ZL vs 5400ZL2

Dale Mahalko
Occasional Contributor

Nov 2015: Comparing 5400ZL vs 5400ZL2

I'm looking at price comparisons for the 5400ZL and the 5400ZL2, and it's really weird. I'm actually seeing slightly higher prices for the 5400ZL than the ZL2.

Is HP planning to phase out the older ZL at some point? Or perhaps it is trying to push new customers in the direction of the ZL2? 

Occasional Visitor

Re: Nov 2015: Comparing 5400ZL vs 5400ZL2

The 5400R zl2 is a newer platform that supports both zl2 and zl3 modules. The main advantages above the non-R version are the posibility to install a redunant CPU, higher internal bandwith and higher PoE capacity. 

HP already announced the EOS of some of the 5400 bundles;