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OID/MIB translation with Kiwi

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OID/MIB translation with Kiwi


We use Kiwi Syslog to monitor SNMP traps from our HP/Aruba switches (such as J9728A Aruba 2920 48G Switch).

Kiwi translates the OIDs to readable text, but in this case Kiwi does not know how to translate all of them, and require MIBs from the vendor.

I have found this page with MIB downloads:

I have tried sending them a couple of different MIB packages, such as this one (J9728A Aruba 2920 48G Switch
Software: MIBs-Nov-2018):

However, they come back and say, 

OID is not added to MIB database.

According to the file hpicfOid.mib OID has only one child OID
    hpSwitchModuleJ9728A OBJECT-IDENTITY
        STATUS      current
        DESCRIPTION "The authoritative identifier for the
                     J9728A Fixed 48G module."
        ::= \{ hpSwitchJ9728A 1 }

My question is, which MIB downloads do I send them to ensure they have all the OID definitions that they need?



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Re: OID/MIB translation with Kiwi

I think that is the correct MIb file (MIBs-Nov-2018), Are you seeing any error message?

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Re: OID/MIB translation with Kiwi

I also thought it was correct. They are just saying the above, that it doesn't contain all the definitions for OIDs that are missing. Is it possible that the OIDs in question (eg are simply not defined at all?

Basically I have a list of OIDs that Kiwi does not know how to interpret, then I have to find the appropriate MIB and supply it to the vendor.

After supplying a couple of different MIBs from the download page, they were able to improve the translation, but there are still some missing. I can provide the full list of OIDs if that helps.