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One laptop cannot connect to one Procurve Switch

Occasional Contributor

One laptop cannot connect to one Procurve Switch

I have a situation where we just deployed a bunch of Dell Latitude E5570s to a department of users and set them on our domain. One laptop out of all of them turned up with connectivity failure this morning. Skipping all non-relevant troubleshooting steps to the point involving one of our Procurve 2810-48g switches, this laptop has perfect connectivity to our network if I plug it into any other of our Procurves other than the one she was originally plugged into, we'll call it "dot 17. "And if I try any port on that "dot 17" she connects with a bang in the network icon and no network connectivity. Right click and choosing diagnose and I get a "reset modem" result. Every other machine connected to that switch connects fine. And again, this laptop connects perfectly fine on every other Procurve we have.

There are no port-security rules in place, no mac filtering going on.

All I have is:
"no telnet-server
snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
vlan 1
untagged 1-48
ip address
stack join 002347407f00
spanning-tree force-version RSTP-operation
ip ssh
password manager
password operator"

Any ideas on what could cause this?

Thank you,

Corey P.


Occasional Contributor

Re: One laptop cannot connect to one Procurve Switch

Update: We have about 8 switches with one stack commander switch. I've tested this one Dell Latitude E5570 on all. This laptop connects perfectly on all but 2 switches. Those two switches do not have any port-security enabled. All they have is basic STP, not sure if that could be it. Does anyone have any clues, any ideas at all, that could point me to figuring out what could be the issue? I just recently updated the firmware to N_11_76 and tested the connection again and still, she can't connect to these two switches. Any info would be great!