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POE issue on HP 2910-48G-PoE+ al Switch

Occasional Contributor

POE issue on HP 2910-48G-PoE+ al Switch

Hello Guys,

I have HP 2910-48G-PoE+ al  switch in my network.

No device is getting Power from switch. every POE port on device is in "searching" state.

when i checked POE status on switch. it is as below :-


sh power-over-ethernet

Status and Counters - System Power Status

Pre-standard Detect : On
Operational Status : On
Usage Threshold (%) : 80

Chassis power-over-ethernet:

Total Available Power : 0 W
Total Failover Power : 0 W
Total used Power : 0 W +/- 6W
Total Remaining Power : 0 W

Internal Power
1 0W /Connected - Faulted.
External Power
EPS1 /Not Connected.



is it POE module fault or local power supply to switch ? what other things can be verified (advise with Commands).

Thnaks in advance for your reply.


Respected Contributor

Re: POE issue on HP 2910-48G-PoE+ al Switch

This looks like a broken PoE controller. The output from our 2910 switches looks like this:

 Internal Power
        1   382W/POE+ /Connected.
 External Power
        EPS1   /Not Connected.

Check the logs and see if you find entries like these:

W 01/25/90 22:59:43 00576 chassis: 50V Power Supply 1 is Faulted. Failures: 2 
W 01/25/90 22:59:44 00071 chassis: Power Supply failure:  Supply: 1, Failures: 1 
W 01/25/90 22:59:45 00578 chassis: Co-processor Unrecoverable fault on PoE controller 1

If so, contact HPE support. There is a lifetime warranty on these switches if you are the original owner.

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Re: POE issue on HP 2910-48G-PoE+ al Switch

Yep, a similar story here (indeed show tech all and show log would help).