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Password Change Script for ProCurve 4204

Occasional Contributor

Password Change Script for ProCurve 4204


we have a few ProCurve 4202 (Model Number J8770A -> Firmware L.11.45 ) and want to change the operator password with our new IMC 7.2.

First, I try it with the (Default) Template (Configuration Templates -> Default Folder -> HP-E -> "System_localUserAddorModify.cfg") but the deploy fails, because the ProCurve 4202 don't know the command "plaintext" (password ${Privilege(manager | operator)} user-name ${User Name} plaintext ${Password}). (With newer models like ProCurve 5406R this way is successfully)

Then I try a own CLI Script, but if you want to change the password (configure -> password operator user-name example you get 2 promts (1. New Password for Operator, 2. Please retype new password for Operator) but IMC supports only  one promt. 

If I try it with a CLI script without promt or a segment script it fails, too.

Have anyone an idea?

Thanks and Greetings :)


Occasional Contributor

Re: Password Change Script for ProCurve 4204

Have nobody an idea? I think the password-change-process should be a simple problem for IMC? Or is there another way to change the passwords (in IMC)?  Or do you not understand my problem?