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PoE power on HPE switches

Joshua Kaplan_1

PoE power on HPE switches

I have a project for which I need PoE power.

Originally, I chose the 3500yl 48 port switch, but it turns out that it does not supply enough power.

I cannot find clear specs to answer these questions, so I am asking here.

What is the maximum per-port voltage and wattage supplied in the 3500yl-48 and 2620-48 switches ?

Are there other switches that can provide more ?

Is there CX4 connectivity for the 2620 switch ?

Does the external power supply provide more voltage and/or wattage to either of the above switches ?


Honored Contributor

Re: PoE power on HPE switches

The 3500 supports PoE+ and provides just under 400W of PoE.

40x Class II PoE devices = 280 W

That has always been enough power for me.

I've never factored in PoE+ needs though, usually you only have about 2 devices that need PoE+ per switch, and this is better served via power injector than by buying 48 switchports that can potentially support them (46 of which never will need to).

Joshua Kaplan_1

Re: PoE power on HPE switches

Thank you for the reply..

I am still missing the information I need.

For each of the 3500yl and 2620, I need to know the maximum per-port wattage and voltage supplied, whether that increases if an external supply like the HPE630 increases those numbers.

Unfortunately, the published documentation is hugely unclear about this, but I was hoping that someone would actually know this.

Separately, I need to confirm whether the 2620 has a CX4 connectivity option.