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PoE "Always On" HP2530 PoE+

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PoE "Always On" HP2530 PoE+

Hi all,

I recently purchased two HP2530 PoE+ in the 24 and 48 port version and am having issues with PoE. I am using two Phybridge NV-LNK-02 EC-Link adapters to extend ethernet over coax and the device requires an external power supply or an always on PoE source. Of course, I would prefer the PoE option. I have tried pre standard detect with no luck on the device. Is there a way to enable PoE as always on?


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Re: PoE "Always On" HP2530 PoE+

I've never done it myself, but I think you set it to allocate PoE by value:

int 1 poe-allocate-by value

int 1 peo-value <15? 8? whatever the power you need>

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Re: PoE "Always On" HP2530 PoE+

Is the device you are trying to power 802.3af or 802.3at compliant. The pre-std detect is really for older phones. Either way, the device has to negotiate PoE for the switch to enable it. My guess is that your media converter device is using some propriatery PoE that won't work with anything other than their own injector.