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Re: Port mirroring HP 2530

Occasional Contributor

Port mirroring HP 2530

Hi everyone, I would like to know how many ports I can configurate with this feature of port mirroring. Is there a maximum quantity?

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Re: Port mirroring HP 2530


there are two concepts: the mirror group and the mirror port. On the 2530, I don't know how many groups you can do. On the 1910 you can do one, on the 3600 you can do 4, so I guess it's between 1 and 4!

In a specific group, I don't know if there is a maximum number of mirror port. On the 1910, you can put at least 6 ports. One thing to consider is the bandwitch: if you want to monitor 6 or 7 Gb ports on 1 Gb port, I hope the mirror ports don't exceed 10% bandwitch...



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Re: Port mirroring HP 2530

the Provision switch can be the originator of up to four mirror sessionsand each remote switch can be the destination for up to 32 mirror sessions

Michael Patmon
Trusted Contributor

Re: Port mirroring HP 2530

Hello.  The 2530, and all 2xxx series switches, will only do one mirror session.  That means one mirror port (where you want to receive mirrored traffic) and one or more monitor ports (the ports you want to mirror).  

The 3xxx, 54xx, and 82xx support 4 mirror sessions and remote mirroring.  The monitor source can be a port, VLAN, or classifier (ACL) as well.