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Primary / Secondary FW Images

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Primary / Secondary FW Images

I have some HP 2530 switches that I am upgrading the firmware on. I use the HP Networking Support Tool to access the software for the model of the switch I am working on, then use the web interface/agent to upload the .swi file to the switch. Once it is there, a reboot installs it. I am doing this for the Primary image, but I see the secondary stays at the previous level/version of firmware.

What is best practice? Should I leave the secondary at the previous level and the primary at the new level, in case there are unintended consequences of the new version, a rollback to the previous is easier? Or get the secondary to the same version as the primary? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Re: Primary / Secondary FW Images

Before we upgrade our HP switches we always copy the primary flash image to the secondary flash. This way we have the option of booting the previous version if we run into problems.