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ProCurve 1800-24G J9028A - VLAN setup

Occasional Contributor

ProCurve 1800-24G J9028A - VLAN setup

Hi guys,


I need some help to setup a little lab with a 1800-24G (J9028A)  & a little checkpoint UTM-1.

Let's make it simple : 

- Ports from 3 to 12 on VLAN 20 

- Ports from 13 to 23 on VLAN 30


VLAN ID 20 ( 

VLAN ID 30 ( 


I guess that I need to create a trunk to link the switch & the FW, right?  but which ports?  Can I trunk Port 1 for VLAN 20 and Port 2 for VLAN 30 (without any cable in those ports) then untag port 24 to link it to the FW with an ethernet cable?  


Then I setup both VLANs on the UTM-1 & create a rule to (temporary) allow trafiic to pass from 20 to 30 both ways (to debug at first). 


I guess that I'll need to create range on my DHCP server to respond to client requests on both VLANs, right?


The idea is to play with VLANs and find my way to create a more secured network isolating the servers, the printers, the management, the production area, the labs, the R&D, Accounting, etc.  

Is this doable with a 1800-24G? (802.1Q enabled)


thanks for your help