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ProCurve 2510, multiple vlans and port trunking

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ProCurve 2510, multiple vlans and port trunking


I'd like to connect 2 procurves with trunked ports (2 aggregated ports).

And I also would like this link to transport more than 1 vlan tag (3 likely). The HP manual doesn't mention this type of configuration at all. Looks like static LACP is the way to do it but I'd like to make sure it is possible before wasting time on testing.


Any ideas ?



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Re: ProCurve 2510, multiple vlans and port trunking

To configure the trunk between the 2 switches you should configure a trunk on both procurve devices.

HP-Switch(Config)#trunk a4-a7 trk1 trunk


After the trunk has been configured you should add the trunk interface to the requiered VLAN's

HP-Switch(Config)#Vlan 10 (Creates VLAN 10)

HP-Switch(Config)#Vlan 20

HP-Switch(Config)#Vlan 30

HP-Switch(vlan-10)#tagged trk1 (Makes interface trk1 an 802.1q trunked port. Tagging this port with vlan 10 means that interface trk1 accepts vlan 10 tagged packets)

HP-Switch(vlan-20)#tagged trk1

HP-Switch(vlan-30)#tagged trk1


If you want to add untagged ports on the procurve switch you should add them too

HP-Switch(vlan-10)#untagged 1-5 (Puts interface 1 to 5 into vlan 10 as untagged, meaning any packets that are untagged are on vlan 10)

HP-Switch(vlan-20)#untagged 6-10

HP-Switch(vlan-20)#untagged 11-15