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Re: ProCurve 2530-48 ssh

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ProCurve 2530-48 ssh


I have a problem. I want to enable ssh on switch hp-procurve 2530-48ports but it doesn't work.

First I configure :

  crypto key generate ssh rsa 

next I write

 ip ssh

but when i check it (show ip ssh) i receive:

 ip ssh enable, but  I don't have type ssh , and i haven't ip ssh in main show runn conf


SSH Enabled : Yes Secure Copy Enabled : Yes
TCP Port Number : 22 Timeout (sec) : 120

Host Key Type : RSA Host Key Size : 2048

Ses Type | Source IP Port
--- -------- + ---------------------------------------------- -----
1 console |
2 inactive |
3 inactive |
4 inactive |
5 inactive |
6 inactive |

Richard Litchfield
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Re: ProCurve 2530-48 ssh

SSH is enabled on all ProCurve switches (now rebranded as ArubaOS-Switch) out of the box - you don't need to generate any keys (unless you want to change them).

IP ssh won't show up in the config anyway - it is on by default.