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ProCurve 2620 switches fail to boot after short power event

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ProCurve 2620 switches fail to boot after short power event


We are having recurring issues after short power failures where ProCurve 2620 switches just hang.  They don't successfully re-initialize and boot, and require a drive out to manually reset the devices.

I've researched all the firmware updates, and none specifically address this issue.  I've called support, and was asked to update to the latest firmware, which I declined at the time due to the fact I have not tested the latest firmware in our environment, and asked if they have an update which specifically addresses this issue. 

I received an answer 2 days later: a replacement switch in on its way.  In order words, no response.

Has anyone else here experienced this issue?  And if so, have you found a fix (other than switch replacement?)


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Re: ProCurve 2620 switches fail to boot after short power event

Well, which issue you want they to address?

If (big "if") for short power failures you're really describing short power line failures...then those short power line failures aren't - literally - an issue of a powered device (whatever that device is: Switch, Router, Firewall or Server...just to name a few) becaus those short power line failures are instead a serious issue for a powered device when it is powered through such power line...this is especially true when those short power line failures are very fast recurring in a very short time window (a single steady power off - like when you disconnect the main power cable - is less dangerous than a fast recurring sequence of power off/on cycles): those can definitely corrupt any connected unprotected device's Firmware/BootROM (exactly in the moment during which the device is powering on and its boot process is just at an early vulnerable stage --> image corruption)...that's to say that a Switch - which isn't electrically invulnerable - should generally receive a clean power supply through a good UPS unit (so the Switch PSU is somewhat protected from any incoming power line spikes, overcurrents and burst power line electrically dangerous for any powered device).

So I'm curious: why are you looking for an Hardware/Software issue on Switch (Firmware) side...when the problem your Switch suffered is probably (you only really know the magnitude of your short power failures) outside of the scope of its PSU's protecting capabilities? UPS!

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Re: ProCurve 2620 switches fail to boot after short power event

We have too many 2620s in our environment to invest in UPSes.  We previously had a same issue with our 5400s years ago which I was told was addressed with a firmware issue.

No other switch consistently fails to boot after a short power event (generally 1 second outage or less), which makes me suspect poor design or bad firmware.  Unsure that this time, but I was curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this same issue with this same model.

If so, I would be curious what version firmware they are running, or if they do NOT have the boot issue after short power events, again, what firmware version they are using or what other remedy outside of an obvious UPS to prevent such issues.