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ProCurve 2810-24G VLAN IP Address


ProCurve 2810-24G VLAN IP Address



I am currently building a network that has several HP 2810-24G switches and I am looking for some help regarding IP address assignment.


As I understand the switch can have several IP addresses depending on the number of VLANs configured.

I have created 2 VLANs on the switches: one (VLAN_2) to handle all the communications between my network nodes (computers and servers) and the second (VLAN_3) is dedicated for network management.


In the IP Configuration menu I have entered the IP address of the switch in the VLAN_3 fields and disabled the other 2 VLANs (DEFAULT_VLAN AND vlan_2).


I am facing the problem that the ping command to the IP address entered in the VLAN_3 does not respond and therefore I cannot manage my switches.

I have verified that the IP address of the server for network management has the correct IP address and subnet mask as the switches and still I cannot see them with the ping command.


Therefore I have two questions:

  1. Should I enter the switch IP address in the DEFAULT_VLAN instead?
  2. What is the IP address of the a particular VLAN used for?

Thanks in advance.

cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: ProCurve 2810-24G VLAN IP Address

Hi Please send me sh run print


Re: ProCurve 2810-24G VLAN IP Address

Hello Cenk,

I had to make the VLAN 3 (network management vlan) the PRIMARY VLAN in the switch in order to be able to ping and utilize the web-based management tools.
I suppose that the network management vlan will need to be the PRIMARY in order to resolve ping queries and also so that the switch is able to be reached from my network management tool which has the same IP address scheme for VLAN 3.