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ProCurve Switch 2520-24-PoE Firmware upgrade issue

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ProCurve Switch 2520-24-PoE Firmware upgrade issue

Hi Everyone,


Not sure whether someone has met this issue before.


We have a 2520 which primary and secondary firmware is S.14.03.


We would like to upgrade it to S15.09.0025.


While I tried uploading the latest firmware to replace the secondary firmware via web managment page, it kept saying " Secure Connection Failed".


Then I tried whether I can upload via SFTP, even I login as administrator on the switch, it still said access denied.


Then I tried disable SFTP and enable TFTP server, once I put in the command TFTP server, the manamgent IP of the swtich is not responding even everything is still process. I have to restart the swtich as I did not save the running config to startup config.


Please advise whether there is any other way I can upgrade the switch firmware.


Thanks you so much.


Kind regards


Michael Patmon
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Re: ProCurve Switch 2520-24-PoE Firmware upgrade issue

Hello.  Not sure what the issue is with the web interface download but you should be able to use TFTP or SCP/SFTP. 



  • "tftp-client" must be enabled
  • Software you want to download must be on a reachable TFTP server
  • "copy tftp flash <TFTP-Server-IP> S_15_09_0025.swi secondary


  • Enable SCP "ip ssh filetransfer"
  • Push the software from an SCP client (like a linux host):
    • scp S_15_09_0025.swi <switch-IP-address>:/os/secondary


  • Enable SFTP "ip ssh filetransfer"
  • SFTP to the switch from an SFTP client (like a linux host):
  • sftp> put YB_15_18_0006.swi /os/secondary

Note for SCP/SFTP you can only write OS files to /os/primary and /os/secondary.  Trying to write to some other location will result in "permission denied".  You can't write to an arbitrary location on the file system.


Also note that TFTP and SFTP/SCP are mutually exclusive, you can only have one or the other enabled at the same time.


TFTP server should not have affected the switch management.  You don't need server anyway, that's when you want the switch to act as a TFTP server.  You just need client in your case.


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Re: ProCurve Switch 2520-24-PoE Firmware upgrade issue

Hi Eric


Did you try to install the newest firmware and did it work?

I am facing the same issue with 3 of my switches and I want to make sure that it works before I start doing it.

Also, did you encounter any issues? And how did you solve them?



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Re: ProCurve Switch 2520-24-PoE Firmware upgrade issue

Hi all,

Just wanted to add here that I had the same problem(well, I would think), but I solved it.

The problem was that the scp software (WinSCP) was set to enable resume/transfer. This is not supported on a connection to a switch due to the use of the /tmp location