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Re: ProCurve Switch 2824 (J4903A) - Latest Firmware?

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ProCurve Switch 2824 (J4903A) - Latest Firmware?

When I'd bought the four ProCurve 2824 (J4903A) switches for our lab in 2010 I sought out the latest firmware images and applied them to the switches. Last week I discovered that I'd failed to correctly specify the boot partition of the new, updated firmware on one of those switches. So I corrected that last week. And that switch worked correctly for a week. And then it died this week! So that made me aware that I no longer have the I.10.77 firmware image in my repository - I only have versions I.10.43 & I.10.32 of the firmware. (I do still have a file named '08.26.09.img' in the respository [and that, incidentally, is the release date of I.10.77] and I believe that this file is the firmware:> show flash
Image Size(Bytes) Date Version
----- ---------- -------- -------
Primary Image : 3416805 08/26/09 I.10.77
Secondary Image : 2927041 12/24/04 I.08.58
Boot Rom Version: I.08.07
Current Boot : Primary

But it's name is very different than the contents of the other firmware archives;

eric@eric-x1:/tmp$ unzip /media/usb/HP/
Archive: /media/usb/HP/
inflating: 2800-RelNotes-i1043-59906049.pdf
inflating: IMPORTANT ReadMeFirst(BootROM Update).txt
inflating: I_07_68.swi
inflating: I_10_43.swi

eric@eric-x1:/tmp$ unzip /media/usb/HP/
Archive: /media/usb/HP/
extracting: 2800-RelNotes-I1032-59906049.pdf
extracting: IMPORTANT ReadMeFirst(BootROM Update).txt
extracting: I_07_68.swi
extracting: I_10_32.swi 

Is the I.10.77 firmware for the ProCurve 2824 still available somewhere?

Eric Pretorious
Regular Advisor

Re: ProCurve Switch 2824 (J4903A) - Latest Firmware?

Thanks to EricAtHP (in this post), I found an even more-recent version of firmware for my ProCurve 2824's (J4903A) - Version I.10.107!

The respository that EricAtHP identified is,en&cc=us,us&prodSeriesId=376300

Thanks, Eric!

Eric Pretorious