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Problem Ip Route HP 6200 yl

Occasional Contributor

Problem Ip Route HP 6200 yl


I try to set up a switch hp 6200yl with the command ip route but it not work.

I wrote this :

ProCurve(config)# ip route

And when i do :

ProCurve(config)# show ip route static

I don't see in the result my ip route and i don't understand ...

Can you help me please ?

Thank you so much

Honored Contributor

Re: Problem Ip Route HP 6200 yl

Those IP Addresses match with those used on some old HP really doesn't matter...even if a real case (with sanitized outputs) would be of help.

Remember that IP static routes remain in the IP route table only so long as the IP interface to the next-hop router is up: if the next-hop interface goes down (or it is down), the switch software removes the static route from the Switch IP route table, if the next-hop interface comes up again, the software adds the route back to the route table (Reference here).

Is your next-hop interface ( up?

I'm not an HPE Employee
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