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Problem Upgrade Procurve 2530G-48

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Problem Upgrade Procurve 2530G-48

Hi all,

  i have a problem to upload new firmware on switch Procurve 2530G-48.


This are the system information:


 Status and Counters - General System Information

System Name        : SW1
Software revision  : YA.15.10.0003
ROM Version        : YA.15.09
Up Time            : 159 days

Memory   - Total   : 67,108,864  
CPU Util (%)       : 4

Free    : 41,204,372  

I tried to upload image via TFTP with this command:


copy tftp flash YA_15_13_0005.swi secondary


But the system return this error:

Cannot open dst in RAM
00000K Request failed.


I have try to upload image via web, but I recieved this error:


Upload failed! Open of /ramfs/os.bin failed, errno=23


I copied primary image in secondary without problem.


I downloaded secondary image from switch to computer without problem.


I erased secondary image without problem.


Where is a problem?



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Re: Problem Upgrade Procurve 2530G-48

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I have many switches with the same issue.


Re: Problem Upgrade Procurve 2530G-48

Have the same issue. One post said the solution so far was to factory reset the switch and upgrade from there. That's uhh really not going to work for me. I have over 80 switches to upgrade before the year's out along with everything else on my list and I can't spend all year on this nonsense! Anyone have a fix for this?

usa-nvsa3454-sw66# show flash
Image Size (bytes) Date Version
----------------- ------------ -------- --------------
Primary Image : 8792643 08/24/12 YA.15.10.0003
Secondary Image : 8792643 08/24/12 YA.15.10.0003

Boot ROM Version : YA.15.09
Default Boot : Primary

usa-nvsa3454-sw66# copy tftp flash YA_15_18_0013.swi secondary
The Secondary OS Image will be deleted, continue [y/n]? y
Cannot open dst in RAM
00000K Request failed.


40MB left over in memory, what gives?


Re: Problem Upgrade Procurve 2530G-48

Nobody? Nothing? these are memory issues. There should be a way to flush them memory without bricking the **bleep** thing, right? Hidden Commands? edomset?