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Problem cloning E2620


Problem cloning E2620

Hi all,

I have a E2620-48-POE (J9627A) in service now.  I purchased another identical model unit to have as a backup.  I saved the configuration from the "show running" information to the new switch.  For testing, I swapped out the old switch for the new one and parts of the network aren't working.  I power cycled another identical E2620 in another part of the building that it wasn't communicating to but it still isn't working.  (The firmware is the same version on all the switches too:  RA.15.05.0006)

Any ideas why this new switch with the same config as the old one wouldn't just drop in and work?  I've always had trouble doing this kind of swap, I must me doing something wrong....  ugh!



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Re: Problem cloning E2620

invisik wrote: ...and parts of the network aren't working.

What parts of the network weren't working after the swap?

Would be nice to see the diff between the 1st Switch's configuration file (running config saved) and the 2nd Switch's configuration file (imported into your spare unit)...if they are exactly the same it should be a matter of understanding if/why part of your Network were so sensible to Switch units swap operation you performed (STP reconvergence? Ports Trunking? Interfaces flappings? Servers disconnected? etc.).

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Re: Problem cloning E2620

When copying a "show run", there is a limit to how much can be buffered during the paste - if you've selected more than can be buffered, then some of the config will not paste.

Either way, it is much safer to take a copy of your old config, then use notepad to edit it to create your new switch config, then copy and paste it in small discrete chunks, and watching as you paste it to see that no errors pop up.

If you have any post-change issues, then comparing the two configs is your first step, connectivity testing being your second.