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Procurve 1800

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Procurve 1800

Hey there, im struggling with wrapping my head around this switch, and vlan as a whole. But i can not for the world get things working the way i need them to so i figured i had nothing to lose by throwing the question out there to those of you with more know how.

Basically what im trying to do, is to connect my layer-3 switch (Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch) to the Procurve 1800. The two brands have their own termenology for connecting switches and have Vlans travel down the pipe. From what i read HP has tagged/untagged, while ubiquiti has "trunk". Either way, thats what im trying. But After reading and Googling a lot, i feel non the wiser on how the procurve should be configured properly to accept the incomming trunk/tagged info from the upstream L3 switch.


For a theoretical example, lets say that port 2 on the ES is connected to the ProCurve port 2. The ES has vlan 2 created and assigned to port 2 as a trunk/tagged output, and a dhcp pool set up. My goal is to have that trunked vlan info propagate out through the ES, into the procurve, and then when assigning any other Procurve port to vlan 2, have that run back up and fetch the correct IP through DHCP. 

In the above example, how should port 2 on the procurve be configured to recieve the trunked/tagged info? No matter what i tried, i always end up with an apipa address

Thank you in advance for any insight and replies

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Re: Procurve 1800

to tag a vlan on a port, is really simple, just do following command:

vlan 2
tagged 2

But probably you tried this already? maybe show how you configured both devices?