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Procurve 2324 J4818a

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Procurve 2324 J4818a

I have just inherited one of these switches. It needs a good internal cleanout. How does one get this switch to bits?

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Re: Procurve 2324 J4818a

I do not recommend taking the switch apart.


DISCLAIMER: Before you do this, please be aware that any warranty from HP will be void when opening this switch. I'm not liable for any damage to the switch, your person or other that may be caused during or after re-assembly when opening this switch.


If you still want to continue, remove power and any brackets/accessories:


From the top of my head there are 2 or 4 screws on the left side that need to be removed in order to push the plastic lid to the side (most likely to the left if the front is towards you). Then you will find a metal lid that needs to be unscrewed (4 screws I believe) and lift that towards the back. Your switch is now out of warranty and opened. Follow reverse procedure to put it back together again.