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Procurve 2520 monitor port (ports mirroring)

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Procurve 2520 monitor port (ports mirroring)

I have 3 Procurve 2520-24POE daisy chained with another 2 manageable switches. (no loop) All working fine.

I am not able to setup monitor port on any Procurve 2520 as following the instruction;

1. click Monitor Selected Ports  (with black dot )

2. drop down menu and select monitoring port (say port 24 connect to analyzer)

3. select port(s) to be monitoring (say port 23)

4. Click Apply Changes.


 I tried these many times on all three 2520, but get no result.

The only thing I have is on the VLAN, which has two entries:

VLAN ID #1   Default_VLAN(primary),  Static,  tagged ports=none, untagged ports=1-28

VLAN ID#10  VoiceLAN, Static, tagged ports=1-28, untagged ports=none


Don't understand is after I click "Apply Changes" it switch back to the screen of  "monitoring off".

I have no way to confirm or reviewing any current monitoring setup.


Don't know what I'm missing.

Any assistance would highly appreciated.

Thank you.


Re: Procurve 2520 monitor port (ports mirroring)

Are you trying to apply the settings from the the web interface?  Have you tried telnetting to the switches and applying the settings from the menu?