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Procurve 2650 inter-vlan routing

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Procurve 2650 inter-vlan routing



Ive come across a network where we want a vlan99 for management/servers and one for workstations, as we cant have acl the vlan, this configuration basically becomes a subnetted network, if i understand it right? As we want the two vlans to communitcate.

Ive tried to get this to work, and it seems that everyone has a different oppinion regarding if its possible to route inter-vlan traffic on a 2650, i have the different vlans confed with a trunkport going from the SW1 to SW2 and ip routing enabled. Still the i cant the interface to answer let alone something behind the interface. 


As were moving forward i guess we'll just buy a router and do subnetting, the original problem was lack of addresses so in my understanding subnetting is the best solution NOT vlan routing as it completely misses the purpose of vlan's.


But still, i cant let the fact go that i couldnt get the inter-vlan routing to work..

So what more than ip routing and trunk(tagged)port do i need? / Is it even possible for a 2650 to do inter-vlan routing?


Best regards, Leo.

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Re: Procurve 2650 inter-vlan routing

Hi Leo,

IMO there are two possible scenarios you would try:

  • Use just a single Protocol based VLAN and then enable VLAN Multinetting (adding a secondary IP Subnet to your VLAN Id 99's primary IP Subnet) to extend your actual IP Address space (especially if you are short of IP Addresses on the primary VLAN): does the 2650 support VLAN Multinetting?
  • Use different Protocol based VLANs - just two in your case - each one which its different non overlapping IP Subnet (e.g. VLAN Id 99 for Management&Servers with an IP Subnet and VLAN Id 100 for Workstations with another IP Subnet) and then enable IP Routing (internally on the Switch, if it supports IP Routing as a feature...or using an external Router connected to a VLANs tagged port to do the routing that Layer 2 Switch is not able to do): does the 2650 support IP Routing?

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Re: Procurve 2650 inter-vlan routing

Hello, thanks for you answer!


I've found out that the 2650 could route between vlans after i enabled "ip routing" as you're suggesting! :)

We will do 4 vlans, 2 for unfi (guest and regular). With ip routing enabled it will route between each another but the unif guest network feature solves that for us. And then one .99 vlan for servers etc, and one for workstations etc.

I have one question about if i wanted to make it so the switch doesnt route between the guest vlan and all other vlans, ive read that i just remove the vlan ip, but how does the devices on the vlan ports assigned to the guest vlan know what adresses to recive from the dhcp (my english is lacking abit here, but hopefully you guys understand my point!)

Best regards, Leo.