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Procurve 2848 Switch

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Procurve 2848 Switch

I have a number of the HP2848 switches. I'm getting massive dropped packet loss (millions) with certain ports that are configured (perhaps incorrectly) as trunks by my predecessor. The VLAN that they're assigned to isn't configured for jumbo frames. However, SolarWinds says that they're set for jumbo frames. I've even logged into the switch, entered VLAN mode and executed a "no jumbo" command. The switch accepted it with no complaints, but nothing has changed.

Please advise. Thanks in advance!


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Re: Procurve 2848 Switch

On (some) Comware based (your is not Comware based, it's ProVision based), AFAIK, globally disabling Jumbo Frame capability (which is enabled by default) requires the Switch to be rebooted.

On involved ports, did you try to verify via CLI the Jumbo Frame still appears as enabled or not? if the command was successful but the Jumbo appears still enabled instead of being disabled maybe a Switch reboot is required for that setting to change effectively.

A look at Switches' configurations (especially the section regarding ports used for inter-Switch trunking) would be benefical plus providing more informations about your exact network topology (at least inter-Switch links) and Switches' software status. 

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