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Procurve 3400 QoS and rate-limit

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Procurve 3400 QoS and rate-limit

hello everybody and sorry for my english.


I have a big configuration problem with my network configuration.


I've got 2 sites (Milan and Rome) connected by L2 link provided by COLT (my service provider).

I have 1 Procurve 3400 in Milan and 1 Procurve 3400 in Roma.


The switch are both phisically connected by interface 24 to COLT (100Mbit FD). Colt give me 50 Mbit bandwidth in Layer 2 connection and drop the excessive packets.


Milan --> Switch --> COLT <--Switch <-- Rome



I would like to use QoS to priorize traffic but with my interface that transmits at 100Mbit and COLT that drops at 50Mbit I think I can't use QoS becouse I can't increment queue. Is it correct?


Is it possibile to use rate-limit and QoS on the speed set by rate-limit?


Please help me.



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Re: Procurve 3400 QoS and rate-limit

I have the exact same issue. I'm looking for an anwser, but can't seem to find informaion on how to set this up correctly.

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Re: Procurve 3400 QoS and rate-limit

Best practice would be to enable traffic shaping on your switchport for outgoing packets.  Set max speed to a value somewhat lower than the provider, so you "own the queue" and can handle QoS yourself.

If you can't do outbound traffic shaping yourself, the provider is gonna dump your packets exceeding max bandwidth.  All you can do is assing proper DSCP values, and hope provider uses them to drop packets with lower DSCP values.