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Procurve 5308xl Vacls

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Procurve 5308xl Vacls

I have one 5308xl with enable ip routing as backbone switch with with some vlans on it

Vlan A /24

Vlan B  /24 Servers

Vlan C /24 users


I want to enable on Vlan B and on Vlan C ACL to allow users from vlan C to talk to specified applications on vlan B one way ,but I don’t know how can I permit established connection acl on vlan c to allow only the established  connections from vlan b . The permit tcp host host established not exist in the 5308xl

Vlan B (Vlan b ip access-group vlanbout out)

Ip access-list extended vlanbout

Permit tcp eq 3389

Deny ip any any


Vlan C  (Vlan C ip access-group vlancout out)

 Ip access-list extended vlancout

Permit tcp

Deny ip any any