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Procurve 5412zl J9546a 10GB module question

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Procurve 5412zl J9546a 10GB module question

I have a generic question regarding the J9546a and the use of 10GB copper ports.  Let's say I have two servers each with a 10GB NIC plugged into the J9546a with Cat6a cable.  Is there any configuration or optimization that needs to be done within the 5412zl to make sure that packets sent between servers (hyper-v replication, backups, etc) are being routed optimally?  

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Re: Procurve 5412zl J9546a 10GB module question

Speaking about an HP 5400 zl Switch series and the 8-port 10GBase-T v2 zl Module (J9546A)...I'm not totally sure (because references exist about J9538A which is an 8-port SFP+ v2 zl Module and not directly about J9546A) but if the same considerations valid about a J9538A can be ported to J9546A there is a particular requirement to deploy optimized 10G ports connectivity: ports A1 - A8 are grouped into two (and once connected they share each) Channels each one with 23.4 Gbps bandwidth (Group 1: ports A1, A4, A6 and A8, Group 2: ports A2, A3, A5 and A7)...for an total aggregated module bandwidth of 23.4+23.4=46.8 Gbps (thus 8x10 Gbps means you can have a oversubscription scenario if all 8 ports are concurrently connected or if just some are in a particular configuration, as reported above) the advice is that to guarantee wire rate connectivity you should pay attention to not connect more than one 10G port to a Channel (!).

In other should, as example, connect Server 1 10G NIC port to A1 and Server 2 10G NIC port to A2 (or any port of Group 1 to Server 1 and any other port of Group 2 to Server 2).

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