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QOS on 1910, 1920 and others

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QOS on 1910, 1920 and others

hello everyone.

here my situation : I have VoIp-phone on my network. They are connected to the server by a tagged vlan
When we implemented the solution, we also create, with the help of an outside company, QOS attached to the vlan.

But my users are many to tell me they have issues like a little break on communication, or the sound dropping for few seconds, and mostly, the feeling to have a hash communication.
At first it has always on outside comminication, so we thought the issue came on the operator network.

But more and more i discover the internal problems as well. I search if the network was at full capacity at the moment, but no, i'm good here. Telephones' logs seem good too.
So i would like to make sure the Qos is working, and here what i find :
if i extract the configuration file on my switches (mostly 1910 and 1920), i can't a mention in any mention about QOS in the .cfg file.
I check on the graphical interface, the qos menu, and i don't see any.

So here my question : how can i implement QOS on those switchs (1910 an 1920) ?
i prefer to work on cli, but i take any respond.
should i implement the QOS on the vlan, or on each port ?

Also, if you add another idea where my issue is, i gadly take it.


Re: QOS on 1910, 1920 and others


Please refer this link copied below for QOS configuration on 1910 switch.



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