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QinQ across provider network

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QinQ across provider network

I'm in an education setting and we're trying to move a department's equipment across our network.  I'd like to use QinQ but I'm having trouble because I can't use CVLANs where I have SVLANs, so I can only transport the departments traffic, or my own, and I need to do both.  Any advice or a direction to go in? I'm trying to go from a port on an E8212zl across an LACP trunk to an E5412zl, across another LACP trunk to another E5412zl, to the department.

Richard Litchfield
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Re: QinQ across provider network

Will each one of the intervening switches be confgured for QinQ?

And have you looked at mixed mode?

Depending on the age of your kit, perhaps VXLAN is a possible overlay solution? It is supported in most of the current Gen6 ProVision ASIC based switches.