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Redundancy L3 switch

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Redundancy L3 switch

Hello every one

I have L3 switch HP Procurve E5406 zl  2 Unit

I need to redundant this two switch in different location.

1 switch setup in main server room and 1 switch setup in DR-server room 500m. far from main server room.

 how I do for solution 1 logical switch with 2 physical. can I create a redundanct switch with fiber optic cable?

however, I know no way to use stack cable and cannot use VSF for this model.



Honored Contributor

Re: Redundancy L3 switch

I fear you have no more options on the least if you also are excluding something like VRRP (and it depends on what you mean for redundancy and at what Layer level it is required in your scenario).

AFAIK HP ProCurve 5400 zl Switch Series hasn't any stacking option as you already know (neither backplane stacking with Stacking Modules and Stacking Cables nor with frontplane stacking by means of VSF configuration).

So the point to find a possible solution (if any) is to understand exactly what you mean with the initial statement  "I need to redundant this two switch in different location." (Geo Stacking - as opposite of Local Stacking - as I understood it, where Stacking equals to Virtual Switching operating at Layer 2 and Layer 3 levels).

I'm not an HPE Employee
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