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Replacement of HP3400cl

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Replacement of HP3400cl


In our infrastructure, we have 1 HP 3400cl (24x10/100/1000 Mbps) that is used for static routing just behind our firewall. This switch interconnect two main campus with more 1500 students each and 8 VLANs.

My problem is that this old HP 3400cl doesn't work anymore (all leds are on ... nothing else works). So we decide to replace it. We set up temporarily an HP V1910-24G (because we have some spare units) but we quickly reach the limit of the ARP table. So I'm looking for a switch that have gigabits ports, manageable, with static routing and more than 256 entries for the ARP table ... I'm quite lost between all HP models ... I've seen that HP 3500yl (official replacement of 3400cl) could be interesting but the gigabit version comes with PoE ports (not very useful for me), and is quite expensive.

Did you have some ideas about other models ? is 3500yl the only right choice ?

Thank you,

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Re: Replacement of HP3400cl

Hi Louise,


Because of the number of devices you have on each campus that potentially will need routing entries on the interconnecting switch your only choice is the 3500yl, even the new 2920 has a limit of 2048 entries, so you could theoretically exhaust this limit too.


So unfortunately I think you are somewhat limited in the choice of switches that you can go with. Maybe check out the 3600El (12k entries) series, maybe there is a model which suits, but from a price perspective I don't think you will get a model that caters for your needs for less than the 3500yl.


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