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Routing Issue

Occasional Contributor

Routing Issue

We have a Procurve 3500yl along with 2530 switches.



The 3500yl has a Cisco ASA (Default VLAN) and Juniper ssg (VLAN-150 - connected to it.    The 3500yl has ip routing enabled and multiple vlans enabled.  VLAN-150 is configured on it.  I connect a 2530 to the 3500yl with a single port that has all vlans tagged.  I can ping from the ASA and the 3500yl however the 2530 I cannot.  I can ping just fine along with the ASA.   The only route on the 3500yl is for which is set to the ASA.    Any ideas on why I cannot ping the Juniper SSG from anything except the core and ASA?  These are not crazy configs.


Respected Contributor

Re: Routing Issue

What the gateway 2530? He's in the 172.22.14 / network?

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Re: Routing Issue

I have tried multiple gateways on the 2530.  Technically since it is management it is in another vlan on the 3500yl.  If I assign an IP address to the vlan-150 on the 2530 it works.  Its very strange.

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Re: Routing Issue

This information is a little bit fragmentary.

If you can spell out the IP addressing, the uplink IDs, and the VLAN membership of those uplinks, it would help.


Better still, just post the 2530 and 3500 configs (ensuring everything has a desc or name so we can see what's what).


On the face of it, if the 2530 has a .14. ip address, and if it can ping the 3500 on 14.1, and if the 3500 can ping 14.3, and if this IP addressing is all within the same VLAN, then your issue is unlikely to be a network issue.