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SFP Module won't work.

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SFP Module won't work.

I recently bought a WDM 1310/1550 nm SFP module.
It does not work as I want it to.

I can see the console log that I get this message: "Ports: port 26 XCVR change type. Check the switch configuration"

I can see this message refers to # 408;

Which says: " 408 Port xcvr type change. Check switch config info The transceiver has been changed in the specified port. Check the switch configuration. RMON_PPMGR_XCVR_HOTSWAP_TYPECHG

Is there anyone out there who can help me? :)
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Re: SFP Module won't work.

What Switch (Model)?

What Switch Module (for SFP+ I suppose) is used (Model)?

What Switch's Software version?

What Transceiver (Model)?

Is the Transceiver a HP/HPE genuine part?

What does the statement "It does not work as I want it to." mean?

Is the Transceiver (SFP+ I suppose) recognized or not? if so (if recognized) what issue are you experiencing?

I'm not an HPE Employee
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Re: SFP Module won't work.

Try the "show tech transceivers" command and check if the transceiver is recognized by the switch. Output should be something like this:

PROCURVE# show tech transceivers


Transceiver Technical Information:
 Port # | Type      | Prod #      | Serial #            | Part #
 26     | SFP+SR    |     J9150A | CN2BDRN2S3  | 1990-4065


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Re: SFP Module won't work.

 - Shutdown the port then bring it up again

 - Reboot the switch

 - Get the vendor to code the SFP with a proper Procurve part number

You haven't provided much information about the SFP, but Procurve-branded WDM SFPs are virtually non-existent (some were made in Germany at one stage, 10 years ago) so it's likely non-Procurve.
You haven't told us what switch you have, but the link you refer to is for 3500/5400 switches. These switches are particularly good at detecting non-Procurve SFPs and locking them out. Your vendor should have coded the SFP properly for you.