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SNMP Backup Solution

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SNMP Backup Solution



We have a large infrastructure consisting of several customers, some using Cisco and some using HP (typically 3800's). 


There is a method of automating backups with Cisco equipment that we have taken advantage of:

SNMP Traps are sent out from the switch when the configuration is written to memory.  When this trap is received by a piece of software, it sends an SNMP packet to the switch to trigger an FTP transfer of the configuration to our backup server.

If this doesn't make any sense, please refer to this page, which should clarify what I'm getting at:


This actually works incredibly well and so I've been asked to adapt the application to work with the HP switches, but I have found very little information on:

A) If and how it's possible to enable "configuration changed" SNMP traps on the HP Switches?

B) If and how it's possible to trigger an FTP backup via SNMP?

C) Failing B, if and how it's possible to trigger a TFTP backup via SNMP?


We have considered scripted backups, both from the Switch and from the server, but this method isn't really viable for us.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks