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SNMP V3 User Configuration Question

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SNMP V3 User Configuration Question


I am configuring snmpv3 on a variety of HP switches, the oldest of which are 2626, 2650 and 2810-48G series.  All switches are running the most recent firmware (as of this weekend).  I noticed when creating an snmpv3 user on the 2810-48G series switches, when specifying the priv (privacy) option, there is no option to specify anything other than the default of DES (56 bit).  Strangely, on the as old or older series 2626, there is the option to specify AES-128 for the priv parameter.

This seems rather odd and was wondering if anyone had any insight into this - i.e., is there some internal limitation of the 2810-48G series such that it cannot support this?  Is it possibly an oversight in the firmware?

Thank You,

Dale Magnant