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SNMP on stack members of 2920 stack

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SNMP on stack members of 2920 stack



i am trying to monitor the member switches in a stack of Procurve 2920 switches using SNMP.


The switch members IP addresses are not active if they are in a stack, so i did some research and found the following information in the Advanced Traffic Management Guide for Procurve 2900 switches:


To use a management station for SNMP Get or Set access through the Commander’s IP address to a Member, you must append @sw<switch number> to the community name.


So far so good, but unfortunately this doesn't work. When i append @sw1 or anything else to the community string, my snmp query goes in timeout.


Any advices anyone?


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Re: SNMP on stack members of 2920 stack

Hellow. I am trying to monitorize the stack members status too via snmp with a snmpwalk command and an OID but I don´t know how. ¿Did you get it?

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Re: SNMP on stack members of 2920 stack

This is an old post but I haven't found anything newer.

I have found that the 2920, when stacked, looks like a four slot chassis in snmp. From the little I've tested oid has four instances one for each "slot" in the chassis, if a switch is disconnected or off the entry for that "slot" goes to "Slot Available"

I'm not sure how this applies across other models but it seems to work for basic monitoring.