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SNMP problems


SNMP problems

I have several Procurve switches of varying ages from 1 to 10 years old. I have just installed NNMi version 10.20 and for my newer switches they have shown up with no problem in my Node Discovery maps when I create a new seed. The problem is the older switches seem not to have SNMP running according to NNMi. When I compare the configs of an older procurve and a newer one the snmp settings are pretty identical. I have gone through just about every config option I have read about and the older ones will not show up. Could this be a firmware issue?

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Re: SNMP problems


Are you able to get on a Linux box and run snmpwalk against the suspect switches to see if they are talking or not?

I have had discovery issues cdp lldp etc with older Procurve switches in mixed environments but I can't remember any SNMP problems.

Are all the v2 community strings or v3 AUTH  passwords matching across the switches?



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