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STP configuration and Priority for uplink ports

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STP configuration and Priority for uplink ports

Hi HP networking,

Thank you for your awesome networking products, though I am not so knowledgeable and experienced person in networking I find procurve one of the stable networking products that allows an Network Administrator of a company to sleep at night without any fear... :)


Well, I was wondering if you people could help me out with STP configuration on HP procurve 3800-48G-PoE+-4SFP+ Switch, I'm using 2 SFP modules, first one is 1 GB module and the other is 10 GB module on this switch both of them are running as a uplink port and each port is going to a different core switch, so is there any command to set priority on the port instead of VLAN ? I want to set the highest priority for 10 GB SFP module to be used as uplink then low priority for 1GB SFP module. (both the ports are in the same VLAN)

Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance.


Amro Hadi.

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Re: STP configuration and Priority for uplink ports

Hello, I guess the answer would depend on what MST looks like at your core or in your network.  If your 10gb connection connected directly to the root bridge or is your 1Gb connection connected to it?   Did you configure spanning tree or just turn it on? 

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Re: STP configuration and Priority for uplink ports

Hi Amro,


The two most important things you need to do are:

  1. Make sure your core switches have appropriate STP priorities set
  2. Plug your 10 GbE link into your root bridge

The most common mistake we see here in the forums relating to spanning tree setup is setting port priorities rather than switch priorities.