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Setting up vlans on 2910al-ag

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Setting up vlans on 2910al-ag

I am new HP switch. I create a vlan for voice however I can not figure out how put put 

vlans on a switchport via the CLI. I also can't see the running cofnig


I issue #show confiig but I onl see this output and nothing else. I must be missing something


HPswitch(eth-2)# sh config

Startup configuration:

; J9145A Configuration Editor; Created on release #W.14.38

hostname "HPswitch"
module 1 type J9145A
module 2 type J9008A
interface 6
vlan 1
untagged 1-24,A1-A2
ip address
port-security 6 learn-mode static address-limit 2 action send-disable mac-address 00606E010ED6 A820
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
password manager


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Re: Setting up vlans on 2910al-ag

I think I got it but still somewhat confused.

config t

vlan 11 voice

tagged ehternet 1-10

I just don't understand much about the tagged untagged.. How can I show running-configuratin like IOS

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Re: Setting up vlans on 2910al-ag

Is this forum still Active if so What is the best way to get support for HP switches?


thank you

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Re: Setting up vlans on 2910al-ag

Hi  - these forums are user to user, not user to HPE. Some are busier then others. But if you wanted direct response from HP you need to open a support ticket. 

I run 2910s and find them fairly easy to work with but if you are coming only from cisco there is a bit of learning. I think there is an HP doc somewhere that shows equivalent pro-vision to ios commands. The manuals are fairly easy to read.

You have some of the basics already.

conf is all that's required. Exit to leave it. Write memory to save

Show running-config is whats live.

show config <named> to show the saved startup config. There is slots in flash for 3 save configs so you can copy for backup.

You can use the tab key to expand the command, and ? for help. 

The menu command puts a menu strucuture in the terminal window and is handy for the basic config tasks, while you are learing the cli commands.

VLANs are a sub context as are interfaces with their own subcommands.

All interfaces start untagged, and can have only one VLAN assigned as untagged (VLAN 1 the default to start). Think of untagged only being the same as access port.

A device plugged into an untagged port ends up on the vlan assigned as untagged.

A port must have one vlan assigned either untagged or tagged. An untagged port can have additional tagged vlans added.

When a port is tagged with one or more vlans those vlans are carried to other ports with matching tags - think trunk port in IOS.

RADIUS can set access to the port to a specific vlan if its tagged based on authentication via 802.1x

Hope this helps get u started - read the documentation for more. And consider update the fw to W.15.14 which is the most current.

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Re: Setting up vlans on 2910al-ag

I am not familiar with CLI of the 2910 but wha I found useful in HP CLI is the command "menu". It takes you to the menu-based interface. It has a limited number of options but enough to edit most common settings.

On our HP full CLI, I am able to edit VLANs with the following commands:

#: conf t

#: vlan 100

#: tagged 1-14, 16-24

#: wr mem

I find this article very educational

You shoud not bother tech support with questions like "how to create and apply a VLAN" , it is realy not what they are there for.

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Re: Setting up vlans on 2910al-ag

A Cisco Access port is equivalent to an HP port that is configured with a single untagged VLAN.

A Cisco Trunk port is equivalent to an HP port that has had one or more tagged VLAN(s) added to it.