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Site-to-site OSPF

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Site-to-site OSPF

I inherited a network that uses a pair of 8212 zl core switches to connect our HQ to our DR site using OSPF over a Metro-E connection. Originally, it seemed as if the remote site had very little OSPF configuration. Now that we've relocated the systems to another site, I've had to get back into them to get them reconnected. This is not my area of expertise and I'm floundering a bit.

It is working at this point, but I'm not sure it's configured best for its application. I need it to be configured to be fully operational in a DR scenario (I'm the virtualization engineer). My virtual machines will come up in the site looking for the same gateways they see when running on the HQ systems.

To get it working at this point, I had to give the far side 8212 complimentary addresses to those existing at HQ (e.g. HQ=, DR= I then had to establish the necessary routes to get the DR site talking to HQ.

Since the connection is point-to-point over the Metro-E, I had expected to not have much configuration and to treat it as we have the 5412 edge switches without OSPF configuration. At the same time, I have to prepare this for failover in a DR scenario where the DR switch assumes the identity (IP information and routing) of the HQ core switch. At HQ, the 8212 assumes the role of the core router.

Since I'm so out of my depth, I appeal to the forum for guidance.