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Start Up Failure on Procurve 3500yl

New Member

Start Up Failure on Procurve 3500yl

Hi All


I have an issue regarding the start up procedure on a Procurve 3500yl Switch.

First the switch is connected to an EPS.

When starting the Switch I have a fault LED blinking and all the other ports are Lighting continuatially.

But When I ignor the EPS  and start up the switch again in the RACK it starts up properly some times fromk the first try some times after several ones.


Did some one have any troiubleshooting procedure to fix this problem?????


Thanks for your Help !!!!!

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Start Up Failure on Procurve 3500yl

Hi Chiheb,

If your switch doesn't reboot reliably, and has a fault light on boot that doesn't disappear when connected to the EPS, you should log a call with HP support and get it replaced.