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Startup Configuration changed by unknown

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Startup Configuration changed by unknown


I have a question. We use hp switch e5412-zl for user backbone which give warning and Info logs. Below I shared you this logs. I analyzed this mac address but we have not any machine which has the mac-address. Also I searched the Internet but I could not find its vendor.  Why did switch give logs especially log3?

Warning log is "Port h3 - Security violation caused by MAC address 0000bc-004c00."

Info Log 1 - port h3 is now off-line

Info Log2 - mgr: port-security subsystem saved some internal change(s) to startup config.

Info Log3 - mgr: Startup configuration changed by unknown. New seq. number 2034

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Re: Startup Configuration changed by unknown

Presumably you have MAC address security enabled.

Can you share the relevant poart of your switch config?