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Strange SNMP-MSG on J9726A in stacking

Christian Federer
Occasional Contributor

Strange SNMP-MSG on J9726A in stacking

I´m using 2 J9726A (2920-24G) with the latest firmware (16.03.0003) in stacking.

On cli the show stack comand shows me the following

Stack ID : 03009418-XXXXXXXX

MAC Address : 941882-XXXXXX
Stack Topology : Ring
Stack Status : Active
Split Policy : One-Fragment-Up
Uptime : 0d 1h 30m
Software Version : WB.16.03.0003

ID Mac Address Model Pri Status
--- ------------- -------------------------------------- --- ---------------
1 941882-XXXXX HP J9726A 2920-24G Switch 254 Standby
2 941882-XXXXX HP J9726A 2920-24G Switch 250 Commander

But when i try to  make a snmpwalk to the OID the result is the following strange message:

Value: The switch software version doesn't match the version on the stack commander, waiting for reboot

Is there a bug in the firmware?

Thanks for any advice






Honored Contributor

Re: Strange SNMP-MSG on J9726A in stacking

Does the result of that SNMP walk to that OID change if you perform (I suppose you or the Stack did it already) a boot system (so forcing a reboot) of the entire Stack?

AFAIK "Software Version" shown by the show stacking command should show the software version that is running on all Switches involved in the physical Stack...if it reports WB.16.03.0003 it means that both Switches are running on that software version...so it could be a bug or it could be that that OID is representing a value possibly yet not updated (?).

P.S. 1: I was looking at the "Pri"ority related to the "Status" of both members: I would have expected to see the higher Priority value (user defined), in this case the 254, correctly associated with the actual Commander member - especially after a whole stack reboot - and not associated with the Standby member...but, probably, I didn't understood very well what those values represent...or a reboot didn't happened yet.

P.S. 2: what the show stack stack-ports command reports? That "Split Policy" value shown as "One-Fragment-Up" is puzzling me...what the above show stack command reports if executed directly on each Switch console? does the "Stack Status" reported value changes on both members?