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Switch Aruba 2920 - PortChannel

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Switch Aruba 2920 - PortChannel

good afternoon,

Is it currently possible to create a port-channel on an aruba 2920 switch?

I am reviewing configuration manuals, but I don't see options about creating a port channel on the switch


Re: Switch Aruba 2920 - PortChannel


The corresponding configuraiton option on the Aruba 2920 is not called PortChannel but a Trunk.

Chapter 6 Port Trunking

For people with Cisco background very useful could be CLI Reference Guide for ArubaOS-CX, ArubaOS-Switch,
and Cisco IOS

page 7

Terminology Differences
Among the three operating systems, there are some differences in the terms used to describe features. The
table below lists three such terms that could be confusing.
In ArubaOS-CX Switches and Cisco, for example, the term trunk refers to an interface that you configure
to support 802.1Q VLAN tagged frames. That is, an interface that you configure to support multiple
VLANs is a trunk interface in each VLAN. In the ArubaOS-Switch operating system, an interface that
supports multiple VLANs is a tagged interface in each VLAN.
In addition, ArubaOS-CX-Switch refers to aggregated interfaces as a Link Aggregation Group (LAG).
ArubaOS-Switch refers to aggregated interfaces as a trunk.

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Re: Switch Aruba 2920 - PortChannel

It seems you have a Cisco biased background/experience...port channel is links aggregation (also known using dozen other example ports bonding, LAG, BAGG, Port Trunking, EtherChannel, Port Teaming, etc)...and links aggregation on HPE Aruba switch series based on ArubaOS-Switch (derived by legacy HP ProVision) NOS is known as "Port Trunking".

Port Trunking can be implemented with trunk command (more on dedicated Chapter on Management and Configuration Guide for your HP/Aruba 2920 Switch series).

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