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Switch Config for Voice vlan

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Switch Config for Voice vlan

I have been butting my head against the wall for a few days trying to figure out what I am missing. If any of you could help, I sure would appreciate it!


I am trying to move our Avaya IP phones to their own vlan out of our regular network traffic. I created a LAN 2 on the Avaya IP Office device, set up a vlan for that port (vlan 5) and set up one for the voice traffic (vlan 4).

The switch cannot ping the ip address of Avaya IP Office ( though it can ping

The 9611 phone loops at waiting for LLDP “Discover” on the screen then reboots, though it does get vlan 4.

Do I really need QoS enabled if there are no service issues with the phones?

It seems like the phone is not receiving information from the IPO server.

Procurve 8212 Switch Configuration
Release K.15.18.0015

Ip routing
qos dscp-map 101110 priority 6
qos device-priority dscp 101110
qos type-of-service diff-services
lldp enable-notification ALL
lldp config ALL dot1TlvEnable vlan-name
lldp config ALL ipAddrEnable
vlan 4
name "Voice"
tagged D10,F7
ip address
ip helper-address (Vlan 1 DHCP server)
qos priority 6
vlan 5
name "VOIP Mgmt"
tagged F7
ip address
IP Address of Avaya IP Office 500 v2: (LAN 2)
(LAN 1)
Switchport D10 is Avaya 9611 (my testing phone)
Switchport F7 is IP Office LAN 2
LLDP Remote Device Information Detail

Local Port : D10
ChassisType : network-address
ChassisId :
PortType : mac-address
PortId : ## ## ## ## ## ## ## ##
SysName : AVX81C382
System Descr :
PortDescr :
Pvid :

System Capabilities Supported : bridge, telephone
System Capabilities Enabled : bridge

Remote Management Address
Type : ipv4
Address :

MED Information Detail
EndpointClass :Class3
Media Policy Vlan id :4
Media Policy Priority :6
Media Policy Dscp :46
Media Policy Tagged :True
LLDP Local Port Information Detail

Port : D10
PortType : local
PortId : 82
PortDesc : D10
Pvid : 0

Poe Plus Information Detail

Poe Device Type : Type2 PSE
Power Source : Primary
Power Priority : Low
PD Requested Power value = 3 Watts
PSE Allocated Power Value : 2 Watts