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Switch Software Updates

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Switch Software Updates

When performing Aruba OS software updates do stacked switches need to be separated?

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Re: Switch Software Updates

Short answer: No.

Your question is a little bit vague...what exactly ArubaOS-Switch based units are you referring to? what do you exactly mean with "stacked" and "separated"?

Long answer: if - that's just an example - we focus on Aruba 2920 units equipped with Stacking Modules and Stacking Cables, configured to be backplane stacked (so they will form a Virtual Switch)...then a Stack software update (the only one permitted) requires the whole stack to reboot [*] (that requirement should be taken into account when software maintenance tasks, as software updates are, are going to be planned)...not unconfigured (or "destacked" where "destacked" could be the equivalent word of "separated"...using your jargon).

[*] from the Aruba 2920 Switch Series Stacking Technical White Paper "Stack software update: Load the new code onto the commander via TFTP, USB, or Xmodem. Once the new code is loaded, it will be copied to each of the members of the stack. In order for the stack of switches to run the new code, the stack must be rebooted."

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Re: Switch Software Updates

ok thank you. I shall remember to provide more information next time