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Switch recommendations

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Switch recommendations

Hello everybody
do you have any recommendations for switch Layer 2 and 3 for small business company ?



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Re: Switch recommendations


I would recommend for small business:

  • Core switch: Aruba 3810 series.
  • Access switches: Aruba 2930M series.

But for more details i'll sugest you contact your HP partner. So they can advice you the right switch for your specific needs.

Kind regards




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Re: Switch recommendations

It's hard to guess networking requirements of a use the HPE Switch Selector page to see what Layer 2/Layer 3 will fit your bill:

Personally I would consider: FlexNetwork, Aruba and OfficeConnect product lines and then filter for Routing/Switching and Management types.

Aruba = ArubaOS-Switch operating system based switch series (AKA ProVision operating system of some known HP ProCurve switch series, rebranded and developed)

FlexFabric = Comware v5/v7 operating system based switch series

OfficeConnect = a mix mex (1950 is Comware v7 based, 1920 - successor is actually 1920S Linux embedded operating system based -  was Comware v5 based, others like 1850, 1420 and so on...are basically Linux embedded based).

Do not forget to also consider the HPE OfficeConnect 1950 Switch Series because it shows very interesting features for its street price (features typically found in features-richer Comware v7 big and expensive brothers, with some clear limitations due to portfolio positioning).

I'm not an HPE Employee
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