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Switch to Switch Multiple VLANs

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Switch to Switch Multiple VLANs

I'm a networking noob, so pardon my ignorance.


I have VLANs 8, 9, 10, 13, and 15 with IPs of 10.110.x.1 on an HP 5406 switch.  I want to be able to utilize those same VLANs on a connected HP v1910 switch as if it were an extention of the 5406.  I believe the term is stacking, but I don't think the 1910 supports that, so I need the next best thing.  I was testing the configuration using VLAN 8.  I configured the VLAN on the 1910 to duplicate the config on the 5406.


At this point, I now have the default VLAN and VLAN 8 on the 1910.  The default VLAN was configured by someone else and has an IP in the VLAN 9 network, so I'm guessing that covers the VLAN 9 config on the 1910.  I then tagged the two connecting ports (5406 - port D22 and 1910 - port 24) for VLAN 8 only.  I untagged a port on the 1910 and attached a device with an already assigned static IP on VLAN 8 to port 1 on the 1910.  It works as expected.  I have learned to configure a VLAN on a switch...or so I thought...


I want to be able to attach devices to this switch with IPs in any of the VLANs, so my next change was to tag the two connecting ports (5406 - port D22 and 1910 - port 24) for VLAN 1 (VLAN 1 on the 1910 and VLAN 9 on the 5406...but both have IPs of in order to allow devices to be assigned an IP on the 9 subnet.  At that point, I lose connectivity to the 1910 and am unable to ping it.  Am am however able to connect to the device on port 1 of the 1910.  I don't understand that at all!


While pulling my hair out, I connected my laptop to the 1910 on port 2 (untagged for VLAN8) to see if I would be assigned an IP on the 8 subnet.  Once attached, I was assigned an IP on the 13 subnet.  How is this possible?  I hadn't configured VLAN 13 on the 1910.


As a side note (and I don't want to go off topic here), we have DHCP configured on  one of our DCs for the 8, 9, and 13 subnets.  I created the scopes for subnets 8 and 13 (a scope for VLAN 9 was configured by someone else).  I duplicated the config from the 9 subnet (as far as I know).  The IP address that was assigned to my laptop was out of the scope range assigned to the 13 subnet.  Probably not related to my immediate issue, but found that interesting.


I've attached the running config for each of the switches.  One thing to note is that I reverted the tagging of port D22 on the main switch (5406) which I why you'll see that port untagged for VLAN 9 in the config of the 5406.  Appriciate the help!


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Richard Brodie_1
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Re: Switch to Switch Multiple VLANs

I assume you mean 2810 when you said 1910, since that was what you posted the configuration for; they are very different models. No matter though, it's a generic problem.


"my next change was to tag the two connecting ports (5406 - port D22 and 1910 - port 24) for VLAN 1 (VLAN 1 on the 1910 and VLAN 9 on the 5406"


This is where your problem lies: you can consider an untagged packet to be on VLAN 1 on one switch and VLAN 9 on the other. Once you have tagged it, it has to be one or the other.


What I would do is create a VLAN 9 on the 2810, assign ports 3-24 to it, and give it the IP address Once you have done that you should be able to repeat the experiment of tagging it on the uplink successfully.