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The PCs doesn't have Internet

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The PCs doesn't have Internet



I have a 5604zl switch CORE with diferent vlans and with DHCP configured per each vlans and is working fine.  The PCs takes IPs by DHCP ,  but they don't have Internet and I don't Know why.  The CORE swich is connected to other switches and every vlan belong to a fiferent switch.  In this switches I have connected the PCs than don't have internet.

In the CORE switch I have two routers connected to default vlan.

Router A =

Router B =

If I put ip default-gateway 1931.1.100 and I do a ping to 8.8..8.8 from CORE  it works. 

If I put ip default-gateway and I do a ping to from CORE it doesn't works


This is the configuration of the core:


module 1 type j9534a
fault-finder broadcast-storm sensitivity high
fault-finder bad-driver sensitivity high
fault-finder bad-transceiver sensitivity high
fault-finder bad-cable sensitivity high
fault-finder too-long-cable sensitivity high
fault-finder over-bandwidth sensitivity high
fault-finder loss-of-link sensitivity high
fault-finder duplex-mismatch-hdx sensitivity high
fault-finder duplex-mismatch-fdx sensitivity high
fault-finder link-flap sensitivity high
timesync sntp
sntp unicast
sntp server priority 1
time daylight-time-rule western-europe
time timezone 60
ip default-gateway

vlan 1
   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
   no untagged A13-A15,A21-A22
   untagged A1-A12,A16-A20,A24
   tagged A23
   ip address
vlan 2
   name "aula 2"
   ip address
vlan 3
   name "aula 3"
   ip address

dhcp-server pool "vlan2-pool"
   default-router ""
   dns-server ""
dhcp-server pool "vlan3-pool"
   default-router ""
   dns-server ""

dhcp-server enable
password manager
password operator


Router A is conneted in other switch via default vant.

Router B is conneted to port a23 with this configuration:

interface A23
   name "Sortida Inet"
   untagged vlan 1



The pcs has unttagged only one vlan

interface A13
   untagged vlan 2


Can anybody help me?


Thank you,


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Re: The PCs doesn't have Internet


Quick questions:

Are the routers under your control?

Do you actually have external internet connectivity working to Router B?

Going forward:

How are you looking make the "next hop" routing redundant?

Should you be using a virtual IP shared between the 2 routers (i.e. with VRRP) or are you using weighted static routes or are you going to use a dynamic protocol?

Let us know how you get on.



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Re: The PCs doesn't have Internet

Hello Ian,

Thanks for the quick response.


The routers are from the ISP provider and they are like ADSL, they don't have many options of configuration.  I have some PCS in vlan 1 that they are goig out to Internet trought Rouert B.  This PCs are connected to de switch B, the same switch that is connected router B.  Router A is connected to CORE and vlan 1 also.


I don' want to do VRRP because the PCs connected to de router B are from "administration" and they should go out to internet with router B as they are doing right KNow.  And in the CORE, the diferents vlans should go out to Internet trought de router A.


Should this work?

vlan 4
   name "WAN"
   ip address

ir routing

ip router .


I tought this model of switch it was a level 3 switch.


Thank you,